About us

CHROMAtific is an enthusiastic, fresh, experienced and most devoted company to high quality Sample Preparation Products, which we produce here at the beautiful german countryside close to Wiesbaden.

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our inspiration

Always deliver more than expected....

QuEChERS method

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Why to serve at highest possible level

...because it has become so rare and therefore it is even more important for us to show you our dedication and commitment in CHROMAtific's daily business. We greatly value friendliness, in-time deliveries and a strong support in any matter.

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Quality and prices

At CHROMAtific we combine two unusual attributes. The competition usually offers either low-priced goods or very high-quality goods. We at CHROMAtific combine the highest quality with the best price. We are looking forward to your inquiry.


CHROMAtific is always happy to provide free sample boxes for the QuEChERS method. Contact us today and let us know your products of interest. Free QuEChERS kits samples will be provided immediately.