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Chromatific - Sample Preparation Products Manufactured In Germany

premium QuEChERS kits


We produce high quality QuEChERS Extraction salt and dispersive SPE kits at a great price.

premium QuEChERS kits


Our Immunoaffinity Chromatography Columns (IAC) offer exceptional performance at an affordable price.

premium QuEChERS kits


Expect high purity sorbents and premium SPE tubes that simplifies your daily sample preparation. Start today counting on Solid Phase Extraction cartridges from CHROMAtific

DNPH cartridges

High sensitivity, low cost and low background DNPH cartridges for the determination of Aldehydes in air.

Syringe filter

Huge variety of standard, but also customized syringe filters available upon request.

Type 1 glass vials,caps and septa

Premium glass vials, high purity caps and septa. For sure, we have what you need.... at the best price.


CHROMAtific is always happy to provide free sample boxes for the most products out of the QuEChERS or SPE range. Contact us today and let us know your products of interest. Free QuEChERS kits samples will be provided immediately.