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Chromatific's dSPE Kits - Manufactured In Germany

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CHROMAtific million times proofed QuEChERS kit quality provides simple & efficient clean-up of complex samples using pre-weighed extraction salts and dSPE clean-up kits.


As an experienced and trusted manufacturer in the sample prep business, we came across a dozens of different qualities, for CHROMatific we stopped looking for compromises - only the most robust and reliable qualities are used.


We are happy to offer you premium quality standard and customized extraction and dSPE kits, made in Germany, at very low prices.

Sample Preparation Products

QuEChERS Extraction salts - ready to use

Extraction Salts, pre-weighed either in easy pourable packets / pouches, sample tubes or prefilled in ready-to-use 50mL centrifuge tubes. Select your desired extraction salt kit.

Sample Preparation Products

QuEChERS dSPE - Clean up kits

Select the Dispersive SPE kit, pre-weighed in 2 mL, 5mL, or 15mL leak-free centrifuge tubes, suited to the type of food being analyzed and the method you are following (EN or AOAC ).